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Hundreds of Charlotters volunteer in many different capacities for a diverse range of organizations in town and beyond. We all benefit from their generosity, which helps make the town of Charlotte a healthier and more vibrant community.

Volunteers prepare and serve lunches at the Senior Center, give their time and expertise to the Charlotte Land Trust, the Food Shelf and the Grange, and respond to emergency calls that come into Fire and Rescue. They shovel snow for neighbors, bring meals to friends who are sick, chop vegetables in the CCS kitchen, write for The Charlotte News, and much more besides.

Below, we want to recognize and thank a special group of volunteers – those who serve on town boards, commissions and committees, and at town organizations. Your selfless contributions make a huge difference here in Charlotte. Thank you. Thanks also to Dean Bloch for supplying The News with this list.


Elected Officials


James Faulkner (Chair since October 11, 2021), Matt Krasnow (Chair until October 10, 2021), Frank Tenney (Vice Chair), Louise McCarren, Lewis Mudge Carrie Spear (until March 2, 2021).


Kelly Devine, Mike Dunbar (resigned May 11, 2021), Robert Mack (until March 2, 2021), Richard Mintzer.

Cemetery Commission

Jim Laberge (Chair), Dan Cole, Robert Mack (until March 2, 2021).

Champlain Valley School District Board

Lynne Jaunich, Peter Martin (until March 2, 2021), Meghan Metzler.

Justices of the Peace

Jill Abilock, Gregory Cluff, Maurice A. Harvey, Lorna Jimerson, Mike Krasnow, Patrice Machavern, Robin Reid, Margaret Sharpe, Ed Stone, Lucas Trono, Peter Trono, Seth Zimmerman.

Library Trustees

Jonathan Silverman (Chair), Robert Smith (Vice Chair), Nan Mason (Treasurer), Anne Marie Andriola, Katharine Cohen.

Town Meeting Moderator

Charles Russell.


Appointed Officials

 Canine Control Officer

Dale Knowles (resigned September 30, 2021), Isiah Moore.

Charlotte Park and Wildlife Refuge Oversight Committee

Jessie Bradley (Co-Chair), Susan Smith (Co-Chair), Jenny Cole (resigned May 10, 2021), Dorothy Hill, Julian Kulski, Cathy Marshall, Andrew Milliken, Claudia Mucklow, Braxton Robbason, Greg Smith.

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCPRC)

Dana Hanley (Representative), Deirdre Holmes (Alternate), Jim Donovan (Representative until June 30,2021), Marty Illick (Alternate until April 19, 2021).

CCRPC Technical Advisory Committee

Deirdre Holmes (Representative).

CCRPC Clean Water Advisory Committee

Mariana Du Brul.

Chittenden Soilid Waste District

Ken Spencer (Representative), Abby Foulk (Alternate).

Conservation Commission

Linda Radimer (Co-Chair until resignation, November 9, 2021), Kevin Burget (Chair), Derk Bergquist (resigned March 2021), Susan Blood, Roelof Boumans, Maggie Citarella, Mel Huff, Ronda Moore, Willie Tobin, Brett Towle, Mary Van Vleck.


Josh Flore.

Development Review Board

Lane Morrison (Chair), Christina Asquith, Gerald Bouchard, John David (JD) Herlihy, Charles Russell.

Emergency Management

Chris Davis (Director), Karina Warshaw (Coordinator).

Energy Committee

Rebecca Foster (Chair), Matthew Burke, Jacqueline DeMent, Suzy Hodgson, Deirdre Holmes, Doug Paton (until April 30, 2021), Wolfger Schneider.

Green Up Day

Kim Findlay (Co-Coordinator), Ken Spencer (Co-Coordinator).

Planning Commission

Charlie Pughe (Chair), Gerald Bouchard (Vice Chair), Peter Joslin (Chair until resignation, October 15, 2021), Robert Bloch, Kelly Devine, Marty Illick (until April 19, 2021), Ben Pualwan (resigned February 24, 2021), Linda Radimer, William Stuono, Kyra Wegman.

Recreation Commission

Bill Fraser-Harris (Chair), Rich Ahrens, Christy Gallese, Jeff Giknis, Judy Hill, Bill Pence, Juliann Phelps, Craig Reynolds, Greg Smith.

Senior Center

Lane Morrison (President), Carl Herzog (Treasurer), Roberta Whitmore (Secretary), Dorrice Hammer, Beth Merritt.

Thompson’s Point Design Review Committee

Robert Bloch, Robin Coleburn, Robin Pierce (until April 30, 2021), Betsy Rich.

Thompson’s Point Wastewater Advisory Committee

Tom Maffitt, Dick Tonino, Miles Waite.

Trails Committee

William Regan (Chair), Laurie Thompson (Co-Chair until resignation, December 13, 2021), Elisa Fante, Stephany Hasse (until April 30, 2021), Richard Hendrickson, John Limanek, Ethan McLaughlin (resigned November 8, 2021), Margaret Russell, Larry Sommers, Ajat Tariyal (resigned May 24, 2021), David Ziegelman.

Tree Warden

Mark Dillenbeck, Sue Smith (Deputy), Alexa Lewis (2nd deputy).

Trustee of Public Lands

Moe Harvey.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (Replaced by the Development Review Board, December 2021)

Lane Morrison (Chair), Frank Tenney (Chair until resignation, April 20, 2021), Stuart Bennett (served until April 30, 2021), Jonathan Fisher (resigned April 20, 2021), John David (JD) Herlihy, Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, Ronda Moore (resigned July 28, 2021), Charles Russell, Andrew Swayze (resigned May 28, 2021), Karina Warshaw, Matt Zucker (resigned April 14, 2021, Scott Goodwin (alternate).

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