By John Quinney, Publisher and President

Dear Reader:

Back in the summer, Lucie Lehmann reached out to The News with a kind offer to report on Charlotte’s farms. We enthusiastically said “yes” and asked Lucie also to keep an eye on developments at Nordic Farms.

Today’s announcement that Will Raap, the well-known Vermont entrepreneur, has purchased Nordic Farms, marks the start of a new life for this iconic farm at the northern gateway to Charlotte. You can count on more stories from Lucie as Nordic Farm developments get underway.

We rely on talented volunteer writers like Lucie and many others to bring you a variety of stories in each issue of the paper. But for coverage of town news and the work of our boards, commissions and committees, we need a full-time editor.

That’s why, starting early next year, our new editor will make sure that the paper covers every meeting of the selectboard, school board, development review board and planning commission. Our goal is to keep you well-informed about important town news.

To make this investment in the local news possible, several board members and friends have pledged a total of $10,000. Thanks to them, every gift we receive through the end of the year will be matched, dollar for dollar.

If you value local, nonprofit news and expanded coverage of town affairs, make your tax-deductible gift today – and your gift will be doubled.

Donate today on our secure website or send your gift to The Charlotte News, P.O. Box 251, Charlotte, VT 05445. Thank you.

From all of us at The Charlotte News, we wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and we send our hopes for a happy and healthy start to 2022.

With gratitude to the 300 readers who have already made gifts,

John Quinney



Publisher, The Charlotte News

P.S. Please help spread the word. Forward this email to friends and family and ask them to join you in making a gift to your local paper.


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