With Covid cases on the rise, many people are (understandably) more reluctant to venture out, so the QCity Metro team has compile a list of shows worth binge-watching this weekend.

Here are our picks:

Jalon: The Game (Paramount +)

The show is centered around the lives of professional football players, alongside their family and friends, as they balance being in the spotlight and deal with at-home issues.

Jamison Fields, a main character in the series, was a high school star who ended up spending 3-years in prison for unknowingly dating and messing with an underaged white girl. The series shows his journey to make it in the “NFL” as faces criticism on and off the field from his past.

I enjoy the show because it not only features my favorite sport but tackles topics including racism. The show is comedic but filled with drama, making it a must-watch.

Amanda: Harlem (Amazon Prime Video)  

With an impressive cast composed of Meagan Goode, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai, and Jerrie Johnson, Harlem is a great watch whether you’re with company or on your own. 

Harlem focuses on the lives of four black women living in the titular soulful neighborhood. Camille (Goode), Quinn (Byers), Angie (Shandai), and Tye (Johnson) are longtime friends that stick together as they navigate their lives. 

What I like about Harlem is that it’s focused on black women and how we navigate our careers, relationships, and sexualities. Despite navigating such heavy topics, Harlem still maintains a great sense of humor that keeps the show very well balanced from start to finish. Check it out and let us know what you’re watching this weekend.

Bethany: Peloton

Instead of a tv show, I wanted to spotlight my favorite ways to practice mindfulness. I start each day with a meditation from Peloton. 

These are great to do before work or between tv shows. Chelsea Jackson, with Peloton, has a melodic voice perfect for meditating. If you have the app, just look her up under the meditation section. If you’re also into yoga, Arianna Elizabeth has some great practices on Youtube.

Sarafina: Power Book II: Ghost (Starz )

Power Book II: Ghost” is the spinoff to the Starz Networks megahit series Power starring Omari Hardwick and executive produced by rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent. In its second season, “Power Book II” follows Tyriq St. Patrick, the son of Ghost, as he navigates college life without his parents the best way he knows how: drugs, violence, and outsmarting the competition.

 The action of the story, of course, will pull you in, but the excellent writing and storytelling will leave you wanting more. Each episode is a nail-biting rollercoaster. I recommend binging the five seasons of Power before starting Power Book II. 

Glenn: Green Acres (Roku)

Someone should represent nostalgia and the old-school Baby Boomers, so I guess that falls to me. I stumbled across “Green Acres” over the Christmas Holiday and it took me back to the day when television was young.

Back in the mid-1960s, “Green Acres” was a popular sitcom that ran for six hilarious seasons. The show is so silly that it’s actually addictive.

It centers on the exploits of Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York lawyer, who decides to fulfill his dream to become a farmer, so he buys a dilapidated farm in the backwards town of Hooterville and drags his Hungarian, socialite wife with him to live there.

“Green Acres” was created to rebut “The Beverly Hillbillies,” another popular sitcom of that era. But instead of a poor family striking it rich and moving to the big city, “Green Acres” is about a city couple who moves to the country to live in a shack.

You can thank me after your binge is over.


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