Charlotte is a city brimming with newcomers.

By some estimates, about 120 people move here each day, making it one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities.

Nicole Otero arrived in Charlotte a year ago last month from Richmond, Virginia.


I’m a registered nurse. I’m what they call a travel nurse, but I’m a local traveler. I try to take jobs within two to three hours of my house.


I’m trying to be a Bob the Builder now, because Tik Tok will have me trying to create different things like tables and redo furniture. I might read some books. I’ve got a little dog so I try to go out and explore.

What brought you here?

My daughter lives in Atlanta, and I have my mom and grandma back in Richmond, so I wanted to pick a city that’s an in-between point. I also wanted to go to a city that has pro ball, because you have a lot more activities when you have a city that has anything around sports.

What do you like best about Charlotte?

I’m still navigating, but I like that I can search anything in my phone, whether it’s a store or activity to do in Charlotte, and 9 times out of 10, I can find it.

What do you like least about Charlotte?

It seems so sectioned off financially. Why is the south end mostly the nicest area? How come they don’t incorporate a little bit more across the city?

How do you hope to get involved in the community?

I’m looking for some volunteer efforts. I just finally found a church that kind of felt like home. That’s kind of cool, but I usually do a lot of volunteer work back in Virginia. So I would like to figure out ways I can do that.

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here?

Can’t say I’ve had a memorable moment, other than I had a friend from L.A. came here, and we spent six days just going anywhere new.

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