By Scooter MacMillan, Editor

A town-wide discussion about whether Charlotte needs a community center and what this center might include continues to pick up steam.

Concept rendering of a phased approach to the Charlotte Community Center

Concept rendering of a phased approach to the Charlotte Community Center

Some of this steam is progress toward the eventual construction of a center. Some is the metaphorical steam of people opposed to the proposal.

The recreation department held an informational meeting about the center online on Wednesday, Feb. 16.

Recreation director Nicole Conley said the meeting was sparsely attended, and although there was the opportunity to ask questions, most of the meeting was taken up by a presentation about a process that has led to an upcoming Town Meeting Day ballot item asking voters to approve $50,000 for a community center feasibility study.

Those who missed the informational meeting will have a chance to hear a presentation by Conley at Charlotte’s town informational meeting at 9 a.m. this Saturday, Feb. 26.

Or if you would prefer, there’s a 20-minute video on the town’s website. Conley said the video is essentially the same presentation she made at the Wednesday meeting and will make again on Saturday.

For a house in Charlotte assessed at $500,000 the $50,000 cost of the feasibility study works out to about $26 to see “what a community center could look like in the town of Charlotte,” Conley said, adding that is about the price of going to the movies or getting a pizza.

“It doesn’t have to be a big center but just something everyone feels comfortable to come to,” she said.


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