Now that 2022 is underway and most folks are settled in, I have news to share: QCity Metro has added a new team member who will focus on reader engagement.

Meet Amanda Harry:

Amanda grew up in Charlotte and graduated from UNC Charlotte in December 2020 with a degree in communications and English.

Her job at QCity Metro is to help us find ways to better engage with all of our audiences. That means listening as well as doing.

First the doing:

A huge part of Amanda’s new role will be improving (and later expanding) our newsletters.

The 9,000-plus people currently on our email list constitute our most engaged (and generous) audience. These subscribers have said they want our morning newsletter delivered earlier. Amanda’s job, over time, is to make that happen.

We also want to revive and expand West Side Connect, our twice-monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the residents of Historic West End. In addition, we have plans this year to launch a newsletter especially for business owners and entrepreneurs.

We have many newsletter ambitions, but let’s save the rest for another day.

Now the listening:

Throughout much of last year, QCity Metro worked with a local consulting firm to better understand our readers and the content that matters to them. (Some of you may have attended one of our virtual sessions.)

We will use that feedback, along with other data, to help guide our reporting. But it doesn’t stop there; we plan to host more listening sessions this year.

Meanwhile, we welcome reader feedback at, or call 704-266-2299.

From Amanda:


I am super excited to start this new adventure at QCity Metro.

I was drawn to journalism because of the many ways it can be used for good, to both inform and shape communities.

I consider myself a creative person, and I’ve long had a love for creative writing.

As for the newsletter, I’m a little nervous, but I’m also excited. Nervous because I know how important the newsletter is to so many QCity Metro readers. Excited because I get to have a hand in shaping how our readers get their news each morning.

If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter, you can sign up here.

In my free time, I enjoy catching up on my favorite shows, video essays and games.

Feedback is important to our team at QCity Metro, so I’m eager to hear your thoughts or suggestions, especially as they relate to how we might improve the newsletter. Or maybe you have a story idea you want to pitch.

You can reach me at

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