By Mara Brooks, Editor

I first became aware of The Charlotte News last spring, during an especially difficult time for the paper. My predecessor had resigned to start a competing news site and The News’s future looked uncertain. I had only intended to help for the short term, until a new editor could be found, but the board asked me if I would stay on permanently.

Mara Brooks

Mara Brooks, Editor

When I accepted the job, I was recovering from a broken leg and had temporarily suspended my law school studies. The News was a part time gig, so I thought it would work well with my existing career as a communications specialist for two other Vermont nonprofits.

But over time, I’ve come to see that the paper requires a full-time editor – and then some. This is a very dynamic town, with an almost 24-hour news cycle. The News needs an editor/reporter who eats, sleeps, and breathes Charlotte news, and who can be in town to meet with the players who make up the town’s many boards and businesses. As much as it pains me to admit, I cannot be that person.

In the past months, I have found ever more of my time and energy has been required to do my job at The News well – more time than I have to give. I have goals and obligations that predated my association with The News, and I need to get back to them — including a return to law school in the Spring.

As such, I have made the decision to step down as editor of The Charlotte News. My last official day will be December 16.

I’ve enjoyed the experience of reporting the news in Charlotte and meeting so many wonderful people. Residents here love their town intensely and have very strong feelings about its future. I hope that some of the issues currently causing turmoil among neighbors will find their way to resolution. I also hope the readers will continue to support the paper and recognize the importance of having a news source that brings you the facts, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Going forward, you may see my byline appear on the occasional story, as my schedule permits – maybe even an investigative report should one be commissioned (I find those hard to resist). To all the friends I’ve made here, please stay in touch. You can reach me by email.

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