How closely did you follow local news this year?

As 2021 draws to a close, we’ve put together a news quiz to test your memory.  (Answers are at the bottom of the quiz)

January: Brigida says goodbye

Photo courtesy of Brigida Mack

We kicked off the year by saying farewell to Brigida Mack, who signed off for the final time as a member of which local television show?

A. Good Day Charlotte
B. QC Morning
C. News Rising

Find out. (43,000 reads)

February: Joel Odom found dead in his home

We were shocked and saddened when this young activist died unexpectedly at age 22. In 2019, he was the youngest candidate to run for Charlotte mayor.

In a field of five Democrats, he finished:

A. Second
B. Fourth
C. Fifth

Find out. (80,000 reads)

March: Newlyweds skip honeymoon to launch south Charlotte retail store

Antonio and Andrea Williams inside their business, Tryon Dollar Store, in Steele Creek. Photo: QCity Metro

Newlyweds Antonio and Andrea Williams laughed when asked what they’re looking forward to in 2021.

“To hopefully have a honeymoon,” said Andrea, who met her future husband during the CIAA basketball tournament in 2015.

What retail franchise did they open?

A. Dollar General
B. Dollar Store
C. Family Dollar

Find out.  (13,452 reads)

April: Charlotte gets a new food concept

Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar co-founder Karmon Dupree Jr. pictured with Charlotte franchisees Danielle Booker and Greg Robinson. Photo: QCity Metro

Childhood friends Karmon Dupree Jr. and Greg Robinson grew up in the Shaker Heights neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, home to rapper Kid Cudi, whose 2008 hit “Day ‘N’ Night” was the inspiration behind this restaurant concept.

What was it?

A. Vegan soul food
B. French fries
C. Cereal bar

Find out. (10,125 reads)

May: R&B icon Stephanie Mills films music video in uptown Charlotte

Mills, who has called the Charlotte area home for more than 30 years, has been away from the recording studio for nearly 17 years.

But earlier this year, she released a single titled “Let’s Do The Right Thing,” which is about:

A. Black love
B. Black empowerment
C. Politics

Find out. (12,461 reads)

June: He walked up to a stranger at a concert. Now, they’re getting married.

Music brought Tanell Martin and Arderrick Fant together four years ago.

They met at a 2017 concert at Ovens Auditorium, when Arderrick walked up and introduced himself.

“I wanted to see if she was by herself,” Arderrick recalled in this QCity Bride article.

Who was the concert artist that day?

A. Kirk Franklin
B. Beyonce
C. Bobby Brown

Find out. (40,393 reads)

July: James Mitchell quietly exits R.J. Leeper Construction

Less than six months after James “Smuggie” Mitchell gave up his at-large seat on Charlotte City Council to lead one of the region’s largest Black-owned companies, QCity Metro broke the news of his sudden departure.

What precipitated his exit?

A. Money
B. Control
C. Who knows?

Find out. (2,986. reads)

August:  Charlotte gets a roller staking rink

Brandi Fox, Kendria Holmes and Sh’niqua Ussery caused a stir when they announced the launch of a new outdoor skating rink.

The idea was developed in the City Start Up Labs business incubator program.

What did they name their business:

A. Rollin’ CLT
B. Rollin’ Thunder
C. Black Girls Roll

Find out. (11,210 reads)

September: This husband and wife scored a business deal with Charlotte Hornets

Drs. Joya and Drew Lyons, owners of Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry. Photo: Brandon Grate Photography

At the time of this report, Drew and Joya Lyons were the only local, Black-owned business owners to ink a deal with the hoops franchise.

What business are they in?

A. Sporting goods
B. Dentistry
C. Travel planning

Find out: (4,437 reads)

October: Faith in the time of the pandemic

Pastor Robert Wood Photo by Jalon Hill

Covid-19 dominated the headlines again in 2021. In addition to stifling local businesses, the pandemic also shut down many churches.

When St. Paul Baptist reopened, Pastor Robert Scott and his church leadership team did this:

A. Set up a vaccination clinic in the vestibule
B. Set up an EventBright page where members could reserve a seat
C.Required all churchgoers to show proof of vaccination.

Find out: (2,493 reads)

November: Wells Fargo donates $20 million to help ethnically diverse small businesses in Charlotte

Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf and Michael Marsicano, president and CEO, Foundation For the Carolinas, shook hands during the announcement of Wells Fargo’s $20 million small business donation on Nov. 19 at the Harvey B. Gantt Center. (Photo: Sarafina Wright)

The San Francisco-based bank became the latest donor to the Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative.

How much does the initiative seek to raise?

A. $200 million
B. $250 million
C. $300 million

Find out: (1,391 reads)

December: Upscale lounge opens in Charlotte’s Wilmore neighborhood

Cloud located at 1510 S Mint St. (Photo: Sarafina Wright)

Cloud, which opened at 1510 S. Mint Street, doesn’t have a cover charge, but if you spend upward of $1,500 on bar service, the wait staff will deliver your bottle in this:

A. G-string
B. Black ice that smokes like a cloud
C. Casket

Find out: (9,280 reads)


January: Good Day Charlotte
February: Fourth
March: Dollar Store
April: Cereal bar
May: Black empowerment
June: Kirk Franklln
July: Who knows?
August: Rollin’ CLT
September: Dentistry
October: EventBright Page
November: $250 million
December: Casket

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